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Microblogging im Bildungsbereich?

tweeducationTwitter,, und andere Microblogging-Dienste sind „the next big thing“ für den Bildungsbereich. Das könnte man jedenfalls denken, wenn man sich die Zahl der entsprechenden Blogbeiträge (z.B. hier und hier oder hier) die Präsentationen bei Slideshare (z.B. hier und hier) oder Vorhersagen wie z.B. aus dem Horizon Report durchliest.

Online publishing tools are being employed in the process of education as a means for personal and professional reflection, collaborative work, research, and the development of a public voice. Microblogging — the practice of posting brief updates to services like Twitter, Facebook, or others — is starting to gain a foothold in education, while the longer format of traditional blogging is fairly well established already. A medium optimized for social connections, microblogging can also be used to continue a conversation outside of classroom walls or provide an easy way to update students on course logistics. Numerous widgets exist for cross-posting updates (a single statement entered on one service can appear on many others automatically) and for following the updates of others. The ease of online publishing, especially blogging, gives students a place to voice their opinions, ideas, and research.

Quelle: Horizon Report 2009

Das Personal Web ereicht in 2-3 Jahren den Bildungsbereich, so die aktuelle Prognose › Continue reading

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