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Blogs for the European Voice Teachers Association (EVTA)

This Blogpost ist primary adressed to the Workshopparticipants of the EVTA on January 29th 2011 in Hamburg. „Hello!“
The Workshop is about how blogs can be used by evta members in teaching and marketing.
To get a little bit closer we will have a look at „What is a blog“ and see what other voice teachers do within they’re blogs to get as close as possible to the answer how the workshopparticipants can use a blog for they’re interests. To enable everyone I will try to add some practice to the 1.5 hours we have together. But hey, some ressources can be find in this blog, so keep on working on this topic after the workshop if you like.

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Blogging Terms

In case you are pretty new to Blogs and blogging the Giant Blogging Terms Glossary might be interesting for you in order to understand some terms which are used in the context of blogging.

It is not just an alphabetical list it is orderd by contexts. Some of the mentioned terms will be quoted here.


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